Leaf & Bean Electric Milk Frother and Warmer


Leaf & Bean Electric Milk Frother & Warmer. Whether you want to make your double espresso into a frothy cappuccino or your hot earl grey tea into a London fog latte, this electric jug has all the necessary equipment to quickly warm or froth your milk. With just a press of a button, adding a creamy variety to your usual coffee breaks can’t be any simpler.


  • Comes with a whisking insert that easily froths 115ml of milk for your cappuccinos
  • Equipped with a stirring insert that can warm 240ml of milk to go with your hot chocolate, tea, or coffee drinks
  • Warms cold milk in 80 seconds with a simple press of a button
  • Saves energy by switching off automatically once your milk is ready
  • Practical milk frother and warmer that also works as an attractive serving jug