Imagine Ellie adds to your life with a little reality check, a bit of playful sass and a lot of inspiration … just like your best friends!

Adorable and yet practical items like cooler covers for wine glasses and bottles put a smile and a giggle on everyone’s face. Endearing cheerful cartoon drawings feature the oh-so-cute character Ellie, sometimes with her undies showing (gasp!!).

There is a cute little story behind them that makes them that even more amazing. Imagine Ellie is the creation of two Australian sisters. Inspired by family, friends and children, Ellie is everyone’s alter ego and her moments are immortalised by Artist Jacqui Pierce and her graphic designer sister Samantha Hart.Ellie is depicted treasuring the small things in life and these products make a great talking point when you are having a party or a drink with friends. To add to their appeal, they are beautiful, colourful and whimsical.

You can collect Ellie products as a matched set of your favourite witty saying. If a single choice is impossible because you identify your magnificence in all of Ellie’s different scenarios, collect a crazy set! You and your guests will be inspired to appreciate the hilarity, embarrassment or pure delight of small moments we all experience.bottle beautiful

It gets better … you can be proud that Imagine Ellie is an Australia product. To satisfy your curiosity, you can see the quirky range at Kitchen Mojo, either in store or online.

The Kitchen Mojo team is delighted to share Imagine Ellie’s main motto “To Live Happily One Must Occasionally Show Their Undies”. Ah yes, the mind boggles and we do promise to leave that to your imagination.

We invite you to tell us your Imagine Ellie moments sometime soon because the only thing better than remembering joy is sharing it!